DOSShell 1.9

DOSShell is a completely standalone app -- no dependence on the Java runtime
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DOSShell 1.4 is an x86 application launcher that uses DOSBox emulator.
It allows you to enter DOS commands without typing it, by using an Explorer-like entries manager.

Since this application is a frontend for the DOSBox emulator, you´ll need to have it installed in order to use it. If you don´t have the emulator, you can download it from (The site is temporarily unavailable, but still offers a working download link).

Then you will need to specify the folder path to DOSBox in the DOSShell GUI, by choosing Edit/Preferences in the menu.

After that, you´re ready to go.

Using this program, you can add new records into an applications list, edit properties of existing entries or delete unnecessarily entries.

To add a new entry to the list, you can click on the Green Plus Sign icon. Then you will be able to give a name to the entry, classify it into a group (or create a new one), specify the paths to the executable file and icon and enter a brief description.

The program will then show you a tabbed interface, with a tab for each group, and a list of programs that can be launched by double clicking on the entry.

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